Introducing ourselves

Orlande is an internationally active service provider specializing in the medical healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

We provide management consulting services especially in the areas of acquisitions, mergers, portfolio, logistics marketing and sales management to help our clients to overcome the challenges within the rapidly evolving global medical and pharmaceutical markets.

Orlande assists the client by providing strategic, innovative, result-oriented commercial development and planning support to maximize results.

Let Orlande guide you to the solution.

About Orlande

Orlande operates in strongly defined markets, and concentrates primarily on the medical and pharmaceutical business development, marketing and logistic processes.

We guide clients through critical decision points, such as commercial strategy development, market and product assessments for business development opportunities and lifecycle planning.

Our objective is to provide our clients with superior marketing and logistic management and other value added support services to give them a cost effective, flexible and streamlined process that will help them to extend the duration of for example a product life cycle and to maximize profits.

The value of our expertise is enhanced by our industry-focused approach that delivers business and market expertise, creates opportunities for resource sharing and facilitates the transfer of best practice worldwide.


We are ably to develop, implement and run client’s customized logistic solution, by means of in-depth knowledge of the medical healthcare and pharmaceutical as well as by utilizing cross-industry expertise.
Our international network ensures comprehensive worldwide support.

Together with our clients we analyze specific problems, develop recommendations and implement the resulting changes.
A high level of customer satisfaction is achieved through our support of clients on a partnership basis and through the outstanding quality of our analytical skills and the broad experience of the Orlande consultants.

These strengths, coupled with our experience and knowledge of international markets, have enabled us to provide tailor-made services for our clients.

Management, Marketing, Strategy

  • business planning
  •  market analysis
  •  sales and marketing
  •  strategy

Portfolio, Partnerships, Mergers, Acquisitions

  • portfolio extension, rationalization and optimization
  • search for products for in- and out-licensing
  • search for:

  • manufacturing
  • joint ventures
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • due diligence

Process Optimization

  • business planning
  •  market analysis
  •  sales and marketing
  •  strategy

Contact Orlande

Contact Info

  • Kasteellaan 20A
  • 5175BD Loon op Zand
  • The Netherlands
  • +31 (0)416 56 36 56
  • +31 (0)651 39 58 34